Custom software and IoT development company

You have ideas – we implement them.
Our expertise is WEB, mobile, and desktop applications for business or IoT solutions.
Darten-IT takes responsibility for your digital success.

About Us

Trust, Honesty, Professionalism

Darten-IT Group is a custom software and IoT development company. We are based in Ukraine and we are safe. The company supports clients’ businesses and shapes their future.

We are a team of developers, designers, analysts and mathematicians who work effectively to drive results. All of us work to carefully investigate the tasks, plan the development processes, and complete planned milestones on time. The company also provides maintenance after the project’s implemented. Our advantage is a scientific background: some of us have a Ph.D. degree.
We like to research, study, coding, and help you achieve your goals.

Darten-IT Group is ready to become your reliable partner and provide solutions for the following areas:

  • renewable energy ;
  • healthcare ;
  • accounting ;
  • real estate ;
  • education ;
  • and many others.
Our Services

What Service We Offer

The company develops world-class software and IoT solutions.


We develop smart home systems, smart charging for EVs, and much more. With us, things go smarter.

Desktop applications

Do you think desktop applications are outmoded? No way! Some solutions must be desktop, and we know which ones.

WEB applications

We develop WEB applications. The team uses the latest technologies for front/back-end development

Mobile applications

We develop convenient and useful mobile applications for your needs using leading-edge technologies.

AI solutions

Our experience in developing AI solutions allows us to create awesome features. Wanna try?

Data analyzing

Automate the processing of big data simply with Darten-IT. Our approach makes solutions faster and more reliable.

choose own way

Quantum leap for business

We have found suitable solutions for various businesses and personal requirements.
The range of areas varies from solar diverter systems, and WEB applications for IoT device management with modern UI/UX to applications for real estate accounting.

Initial consultation

Let’s start

  • How to digitize my business or life?
  • How effective will the project be?
  • What are the deadlines for its implementation?
  • What are the skills level of coders?
  • How is quality assurance provided?

Start a new project

Feel free

  • I am sure that I want to start a project.
  • I know that I can rely on Darten-IT.
  • If in doubt, a Darten-IT team analyzes my needs and provides advice.
  • Darten-IT completes tasks on time.
  • I have no doubts and start the project.

IoT solutions


  • I want to make things smarter.
  • I need IoT data protection.
  • The mobile app for IoT management.
  • Darten-IT uses cutting-edge tech.
  • I am sure the Darten-IT will develop reliable hardware and firmware.

What Clients Say About Us

Clients expressed the following point of view

They jumped into our project mid-way, got quickly up to speed and was instrumental in helping us successfully complete it. We continue to work with Darten-IT because of its top-notch skills, friendliness, and responsiveness. We are able to consistently rely on Darten-IT for advice and implementation.


Developers are fantastic to work with, and incredibly intuitive. For example, there was a pending issue, and when I suggested a preference they was able to make the change quickly as they had already thought of it prior. I have even decided to extend my working with him for a second contract.


Very skilled developers capable of taking project’s requirements and working toward the final goal until it’s achieved. They helped us with two projects – one C# application and one web-based, both times delivering what we agreed on, with good timing and frequent communication and tight feedback loop.


requests – responses


Why should I choose your services?
Darten-IT is a reliable partner for clients’ businesses in the area of coding and IoT development. The company has been developing solutions for our clients for more than 5 years. The beginning of the project starts with deep analysis of the client’s needs. Our developers have skills and experience in the latest tech of coding and data analysis. We have everything necessary to develop hardware and test firmware using real hardware.

I have a complex business. Could you help me digitize it?
We can – it takes several steps. First, the team investigates deeply the processes requiring digitalization; second is building of a mathematical model; and third is agreeing with clients on the simulation results. These results are used to create a software product and implement it. We are responsible for not only the code but also its efficiency.

I want to implement a startup in the IoT. I need to create a hardware prototype. Is that possible?
Yes, it is. Darten-IT has a workshop for the development of circuit design and PCB and global hardware prototyping. The workshop is fitted out with modern measuring equipment and processing machines. We use CAD software compatible with modern PCB manufacturing technologies.

Could you provide advice? I don’t know how to improve my business via software.
Yes, our specialists provide advice for clients to improve their business via custom software or WEB solutions. We are happy to discuss the project goals with clients and implement the ideas using state-of-the-art technologies.

I don’t know what is best for my business: a WEB application, a desktop application, or something else.
Darten-IT helps with choosing. We investigate the specifics of the client’s business and offer solutions that are the best for your business. Then, the team develops and implements it for your business.

We are in a time zone that is different from yours. Can you communicate effectively in real-time?
Yes, we keep in touch with our clients in time zones suitable for them – from New York and London to New Zealand.

Could you create a software development roadmap and share it with me?
Yes, development roadmaps are available for our clients. Thus, they can see how the software product develops step by step. The team coordinates the roadmap with clients before starting development.